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Background list of William J Stanwyck Jr.

New York Military Academy , NY . 1963
AASET Orange County Community College , NY 1967
BSEE Northrop University , Calif. 1970
A&P Teterboro School of Aeronautics, NY 1972
Schweizer Factory trained on Hughes 269/300C Helicopter Maintenance 6/96


Training and Certification:
FAA Certified on Wilcox Mark 1C,1D, 1F, Mark 2(cat 2), 1261, ASI-118DME, ASI 2100 series ILS, and AIL 55K ILS with experience since 1971.
FAA Certified on ATCT systems.
Cardion factory trained on FA-9783 DME systems.
Artais factory trained on AWOS-3 weather systems.
Wilcox factory trained on 596 B/C DME systems.
Qualimetrics factory trained on AWOS-3 weather systems. (200 series and 900 series)
ASI factory trained on ASI-1118 DME systems and 2100 series ILS systems.
FAA Certified Repairman, Avionics, cert # 2137821
FCC General Radiotelephone, PG-2-22103, lifetime license
FAA Certified Mechanic, Airframe & Powerplant, cert # 2141777
Amateur Radio, General Class, WB2PKS,

Private Pilot, Airplane Instrument, Single Engine Land, cert # 2149916 (over 4,000 hours)


Experience Maintaining NAV-AIDS at the following airports:
Waterbury , Conn. (Wilcox ILS/DME, ATCT, OXC and TBY homer).
Monticello , NY (Wilcox dual 1C loc, single 1D GS, MSV)
Orange County , NY (Wilcox 1261 ILS, MGJ)
Columbia County , NY (SA-25 NDB, Artais AWOS-3, PFH)
Poughkeepsie , NY (SS-250 NDB, POU)
Newburgh , NY (SS-250 NDB, SKU, Wilcox 1C marker beacon)
Newburgh , NY (Wilcox Mark-2 ILS, cat-2, SWF)
Plainville , Conn. (RTR com to Bradley TRACON, 4B8SFO )
Quonset, RI (Wilcox Mark 1F ILS, OQU, Cardion FA-9783 DME)
Windham , Conn. (Wilcox 1F Loc, ASI-1118 DME, IJD, RTR to Bradley Tracon)
Allaire , NJ (Wilcox 1F Loc, ASI-1118 DME, BLM)
Meriden , Conn. (SS-500V NDB, MMK)
Fulton County , NY (SS-250CVS, NDB, JJH)
Washington County , PA. (Wilcox 1F Loc, 596C DME, SS-250 NDB, AFJ)
Schenectady County , NY ( SS-500 NDB HEU, Artais AWOS-3, SCH)
Penn Yan, NY (Wilcox 785D NDB, PYA)
Saratoga County , NY (Qualimetrics AWOS-3, series 200, 5B2)
Endicott , NY (Tri-Cities CZG Artais AWOS-3)
Coatesville , PA ( Chester County 40N, Artais AWOS-3)
Wellsville , NY (SS-500VS, NDB EL)
Olean , NY (Wilcox 785E NDB, LYS, Artais AWOS-3)
Chester CT, (Qualimetrics AWOS-3 series 900 , 3B9)
Cortland , NY (Artrais AWOS-3)
Norwich , NY (Artais AWOS-3)
Sidney , NY (Artais AWOS-3)


Misc. History:
Owner, Service Manager, Stanwyck Avionics, FAA Certified Repair Station RS#118-7, Radio Class 1,2, limited. Certificate was surrendered to FAA Teterboro in 1989 when 20 year hanger lease was up at Orange County Airport. Repair shop was moved to Corporate headquarters at 102 Gardnertown Road, but not recertified for avionics at this time.
Airport Manager, Stanwyck Airport, (private use since 1959) with SS-250 beacon “SKU”, 261 KHz and co-located Wilcox Mark 1C Marker Beacon. Airport sold 1990.

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